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Susan is a passionate, dedicated and motivating career coach whose style brings confidence and focus to any individual. She listens and guides in a way that matches the maturity and readiness of her client. I would readily recommend Susan's services.

  • George – GM


It was pure chance that Susan and I met but once we did I can't imagine where I would be if we have never met! Her experience, listening, coaching and advice changed the course of my career and after over 20 years in the workforce I finally found my dream job. I was at a career crossroads and wanted to take some time out to really think about what the next 20 years would be about and Susan helped me figure through the spaghetti of thoughts that were in my head with real clarity of questioning and genuine interest in my career. Without her support through this process I wouldn't have had the confidence to say "no" to the job offers which weren't right for me or the skills to handle the various interviews and conversations with my new employer and Susan played a huge role in different stages of this process. Her calm, considered and friendly style really put me at ease to open up, share my hopes and fears and gain clarity on the type of role and organisation which would be the right fit for my personality, skills and passions to all combine. An Executive Coach I would highly recommend and hope to have the pleasure of working with again in the future.

  • Sue - Director


To say that I was delighted to have Susan Ryan as a Career Coach would be an immense understatement. Susan provided more advice, support and wisdom then I imagined was possible. Participating in many group sessions, led by Susan as Facilitator, brought out many positive ideas and discussion points amongst the group that would have otherwise fallen by the way side.

I have seen firsthand how impressively Susan can caringly guide and give reassurance to individuals and teams at times when uncertainty and negativity is at its highest. Susan can achieve balance between factual experiences and scenarios with encouraging processes that allow the individuals to reach their goals and maintain their pride and integrity.

I owe a great deal to Susan for all of her direction and positive mentorship. Like many others, I feel that Susan really understood what I wanted to achieve and gave me her time and supplied me with clarity and confidence that I was one the correct path......as a direct result, Susan’s methods and knowledge help land me my dream job.

If ever I need counsel on my career or management style or even my personal traits, Susan Ryan will be my first contact.

  • Richard – Client Relationship Management


It is my pleasure to recommend Susan as a Career Coach as she was a key asset in my search for a new career. Susan knowledge of the job search experience was very valuable. Susan set my expectation on the amount of effort it would take to secure a new position and kept me motivated and on track throughout the whole process. She also help me focus on pursuing what I wanted, not just finding a job. She was able to leverage her network to extend my opportunities into areas where I did not have contacts. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone as a dedicated asset in their career transition project.

  • Charles - Category Manager Marketing, Media & and Communication


Susan has been instrumental in helping transitioning professionals market themselves better while they network and ahead of pitching for their next position. One of the best active listeners I’ve met, she has a knack for establishing a warm rapport and making her clients feel completely at ease as she deftly supports and coaches them throughout their journey of self-discovery. Outcomes include lifetime career skills as well as resources, strategies and tactics that build self-reliance and help empower them for future success. Susan’s clients profit from refined time management acumen, the gentle dispelling of job-search myths, and they learn that networking is the most effective method for gathering helpful information from contacts to assist at every stage of their chosen career.

  • Greg …. Communications Specialist


Susan is a talented professional, motivated by her passion to see people and organisations successful. Distinctive characteristics of Susan include determination and success focused especially in career coaching and group facilitation. A meeting with Susan is a key to success. In my view, Susan is an asset any progressive corporate business and/or private consulting has to have

  • Christian … Branch Manager, Financial Services


Susan is a passionate and highly effective motivational career coach, with supreme people skills. Susan engenders confidence in career professional by highlighting individual gifts and traits. Susan draws on real world examples to empower us with effective strategies and practical tools to deal with any situation. Susan’s positive energy at every engagement was a huge motivator and driving influence during my career transition. I highly recommend partnering with Susan.

  • Laura … Business Development, Strategy & Innovations, Pharmaceutical


I highly recommend Susan Ryan as a diligent, professional, passionate and experienced Career Coach. Susan was able equip me with the necessary skills ranging from improving my interviewing techniques, motivation and improved my professional profile in the market place. Her understanding in relation to the competitiveness in today’s current employment market provided me with confidence in how to be ahead when it comes to leads and employment opportunities. Susan’s group sessions were engaging and practical and I always found something that was new and relevant which made me look forward to the next group session. My dealings with Susan was mainly in the group sessions however, Susan always took the time to discuss matters privately which demonstrated compassion and concern to ensure individual’s remain motivated and succeed. Susan played an important role in my success where I was able to secure a new role within three months which exceeded my expectations. Further, Susan has equipped me with the knowledge, confidence in networking and the strategies I need in managing my career while in employment.

  • John … Chief Financial Officer


As a HR professional, Susan's focus and passion is in Career Coaching and Work Group Facilitation - both in the corporate sector and in private practice. At LHH, Susan provides a supportive team environment for people to develop during their transition period. With a wealth of coaching and mentoring techniques to draw from, Susan has assisted many people successfully transition to their next position. Susan’s adept focus on motivational and facilitation techniques, during the regular team work meetings, ensured that people remained attentive to their primary purpose during their transition. All meetings were sensitively managed and productive. As a result, Susan’s meetings were always very constructive for all those involved. Susan was of great assistance in providing the proper focus during my transition phase.

  • Stephen …Network Project Manager, Telecoms and Infrastructure


I found Susan at Master Class Resumes to be a significant influence in lending clarity, focus and purpose to my CV.  Over the course of just few consultations she managed to completely revamp my CV showcasing my key strengths - even I was impressed by my CV!   With her vast experience and expertise she polished and created facets to my CV - I landed a fantastic role as a CEO of a significant Group of Companies. Noteworthy is her specific contribution to fashion my strengths in the CV in a manner that I was able to get a senior role in a different industry leveraging my intrinsic strengths and experience to my advantage.  I whole heartedly recommend Susan to any professional seeking greater clarity on one’s strengths and marketability, and to leverage them to one’s advantage decisively.  Susan is simply special and anyone can see from her work she is a blessed instrument of the Amazing Grace of the Masters, finding words to capture lost details with succinct clarity and to fashion a purposeful document that uplifted my profile.

  • Samir … CEO



I approached Master Class Resumes based on high recommendation.  I was not convinced my resume was representing me in the best light possible to move forward in my career.   As a result of Consultations with Susan at Master Class Resumes – and Susan created a collaborative environment where we workshopped my career aspirations, the current market and my commercial strengths – the outcome was a resume that showcased where I would add value to an organisation in my target industry.  As a result, I landed a number of interviews, and was offered a position which I now describe as my dream job.  Based on my experiences with Master Class Resumes I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs assistance in landing their dream job!

  • Mark … Marketing Manager


Susan Ryan is the consummate HR and recruitment professional. Susan has recruited nine senior managers on my behalf during the past eight years and she has been a pleasure to work with every step of the way. Susan takes the time to not only understand the suite of skills required to perform a particular role, but makes sure she understands the broader cultural fit of the applicant within the new organisation and the particular dynamics the individual will bring to the new team. Susan has recruited key positions for me during periods of cultural change and business turnaround, and her skill, empathy, knowledge and experience together with a broader business acumen has resulted in a series of enduring engagements

  • Robert … General Manager Sales & Distribution


Our organisation has had an excellent partnership with Susan over the years. Susan has assisted us in the successful placement of many senior key roles in our company. Her understanding in knowing exactly the type of individual required to fulfil the role gives our organisation comfort we are presented with the best candidate.”

  • Pat... CEO


Susan Ryan has been a mentor of mine since I have had the pleasure of working alongside her at Mosaic. I watched how she operated closely, so that I could learn the skills that made her so successful in the Executive Search area. Susan would be one of the most well respected, professional people I have ever worked with. If I were looking for someone to recruit for me in the Executive Search area, either as a client or candidate, Susan would be the person I would want to work with

  • Deb … Executive Search Consultant


Susan is a dynamic recruitment professional who works with you to get the right fit with the right candidate the first time. Susan is an outstanding communicator both written and verbal and keeps you informed all the way. Susan offers alternatives and thinks outside the square when offering advice and support. Her ongoing relationships with her clients and candidates is what sets Susan apart from other recruiters she is the best executive consultant I have worked with in 24 years

  • Cheryl … General Manager Professional Services


In Susan's role as an Executive Recruiter for Mosaic Recruitment (a division of the Skilled Group) she initially recruited for my position as National Sales Manager. As a candidate during this process I found her to be professional and thorough in her dealings. 

In my employment with the Skilled Group I was able to see her "in action" as a colleague. Susan was commercially driven, demonstrated the ability to engage those around her to ensure positive outcomes and was extremely well respected by her peers and managers. 

I am happy to provide a recommendation for Susan and I'm sure her star will continue to shine in the industry

  • Justine … HR Executive


Susan is the consummate recruiter and businesswoman. I found her to be honest and truthful, possessing a can do attitude that made my recruitment to Skilled Group a clear and clean process. She is detailed in her search and verification process and always keeps you informed. A real enjoyment working with her initially as a candidate and later as a work colleague. Our relationship has grown from candidate, to trusted colleague to who I consider a close friend.

  • Mike . National Manager - Infrastructure


Susan is an expert in her area, a highly professional operator, personable with an innate knack of matching the right person to the right role (which is beneficial to both placement and client). Susan is tenacious and intelligent. Her guidance and assistance helped me get where I am today. I would have no hesitation recommending Susan to any company that is considering using her services

  • Katrina … Business Solutions Manager


Susan is a great listener, Susan was able to analyse and understand a client’s needs very quickly. Through this she built a great trust, and regularly received repeat business. A true professional, with very strong ethics, who I enjoyed working with immensely

  • Danny … State Manager





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